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World Cloud of Blue Oceans 2012 Blog Posts

World Cloud of Blue Oceans’ 2012 Blog Posts

This blog has been publishing posts for just over a year! The following posts have been some of the most popular and also exemplify what kinds of ideas and fresh thinking are represented here. If you have not read these posts, take some time this month to do so:

GE VScan and handheld ultrasound devices

Micronutrient powders as a sustainable solution for childhood malnutrition

Is the independent medical device industry dead?

The potential for predictive data analysis in healthcare

End-of-life care and the need for professional activism

And for recent new readers, please be sure to check out the introductory blog post below and more information on the “About” tab.

“Blue Oceans?” What is with this blog’s name?

Posted January 15, 2013 by Ira Leeds in Introductory Material (For newcomers)

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